Cane Creek Tigon Air-Charged Coil Shock

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Tigon is an entirely new DB Twin Tube shock that combines the sensitivity of a coil shock with the tunable support of an air spring – to fuel your most creative and playful riding yet.    

Tigon tracks the ground and grips like a coil shock, but thanks to our new patent-pending RAMP Tube Technology it also offers the mid-stroke and bottom out support that is often required from an air shock. Both of these benefits are now delivered in an entirely new layout that better withstands side-loading and buckling forces that can harm traditional coil shocks.

Want sensitivity and grip? Tigon delivers.  

Want more support? Just add air! 

Tigon’s RAMP Tube is a small air spring that works in conjunction with its main coil spring to control the shock’s progression. With this added feature, a rider will still rely on the main coil to support their body weight while setting sag – but can easily add up to 35% progression relative to a traditional coil shock. These adjustments are made using a basic shock pump.    


  • Coil sensitivity with air support 
  • Main coil spring allows Tigon to offer incredible grip and ground-tracking sensitivity 
  • RAMP Tube Technology allows riders to add 20-35% more progression than typical coil shocks (30psi max)
  • Significantly increased strength due to the bracing provided by RAMP Tube  
  • Hand-built by riders in Western North Carolina

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Shocks are sold without Spring or Hardware.