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EXT High Performance Lube

Use this magical oil to lube your fork seals and pull dirt out of them. It's by far the slickest lube we've ever come across, and works great as the bath lube in your fork as well.


This lube is projected to facilitate the lubrication between metal parts in direct contact. Great ability to change the activity factor (stick-slip phenomenon: discontinuous motion at low speed). High anti-rust and anti-wear properties. Excellent adhesiveness on all surfaces. Special features for lubricating heavily loaded bodies. High demulsifying propriety and great performance at lowest temperature. Developed for heavy duties WRC conditions. Help to prevent damages and increase life of components and seals.

100% Synthetic
Developed to facilitate fitment of mechanical parts that works in heavy duty condition
Ideal to be used even at the lowest temperatures
Great ability to change the stick-slip phenomenon
Excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-wear properties
Excellent adhesiveness on all surfaces
Very high index of viscosity