ION² SockGuy Merino Wool Sock 6" Grey Charcoal

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Add some style to your ride with the ION2 Merino wool bike sock from SockGuy!

These have more padding under the foot for more comfort.

SockGuy Wool socks are made from 75% TURBOwool, a superior blend of 50% polypropylene and 50% Merino wool, which provides five times the strength and durability of Merino wool alone. Shrink-resistant and itch-free, these socks will keep feet dry and warm in all weather conditions.

SockGuy feature:
• Superior wicking and durability
• TURBOwool deluxe wool blend is 5x stronger than Merino wool alone
• Year-round performance: warmer in winter; cooler in summer

GREY CHARCOAL color with ION2 Suspension logo on the back.

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