2025 FOX 38 Damper

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To create the ultimate descent-focused damper, we sought the level of tunability seen in motocross and supercross racing suspension. Our award-winning GRIP 2 damper had a 20mm base diameter and seven valves. GRIP X2 scaled up the tunability by increasing the base diameter to 24mm with 23 valves. The result is the most tunable, supportive and smoothest descent-focused damper ever created by FOX.

Riders reap the benefits of sitting higher in the travel while tires stay glued to the ground. They can corner with increased traction, giving them the confidence to push the limits of downhill and enduro racing, all while reducing overall rider fatigue.

GRIP X2 is the winning difference.



When it’s time to climb, simply rotate the high-speed compression adjuster clockwise until you feel the final distinct click. At that point, GRIP X simultaneously closes both high and low-speed compression, allowing a firm platform for efficient power transfer to the pedals. Before dropping in, back the high-speed adjuster off to the desired setting and descend with all the added traction and predictability, without compromise.

GRIP X lets you dominate all-mountain.


In the world of endurance racing, every gram counts. With the Grip SL, we created a short travel-specific damper that not only reduced weight but could keep up with increasingly demanding World Cup XCO and XCM races.

Lockout performance is paramount on the Grip SL; firm for hammering pedals during a sprint while maintaining a smooth blowoff force when you hit a bump with lockout engaged. This reduces fatigue and conserves rider energy. When the compression adjuster is in Middle or Open mode, riders experience a supple stroke in the early stages of the travel with an optimized pedal-to-bump efficiency.

GRIP SL gives riders the lightest XC damper with unparalleled ride feel.


Retrofit Fox 38 2021+