Cane Creek Helm MKII Air - 44mm Offset

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Tuning your suspension starts with dialing in your spring. The independent positive and negative air chambers – along with the self contained indexed volume adjustment system allow all Helm air forks to be set up for any rider and any style.

The Helm MKII air spring has a redesigned air piston which increases air volumes and reduces friction, greatly improving traction and suppleness on trail. The threadless seal head and manual negative air charge button designs allow for easy travel setting adjustments and the ability to properly set up riders of all different sizes and abilities.


  • Tunable Negative Air Spring
  • High and Low Speed Compression (10 positions)
  • Low Speed Rebound (10 positions)
  • Indexed Volume Adjustment system (8 positions - No Tokens Needed)
  • Travel is internally adjustable by 10mm increments - no additional parts required. Optimized for 130-160mm travel for 29 inch. Optimized for 130-170mm travel for 27.5 inch
  • Double-air spring system. High volume positive and negative air springs
  • Weight: 2080 Grams
  • "D-Loc" 15mm Bolt-on thru axle 15mm x 110 BOOST spacing / 44mm offset

Min. Brake Rotor Size
180mm. *If you are using a Hope Tech brake on a Helm fork, you will need to use a 200mm rotor with appropriate adapter.

Max Tire Size
64mm wide by 749mm tall (29) / 75mm wide by 739mm tall (27.5+)