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EXT ERA V2 long travel

  • Dedicated to long travel bikes
  • Stem/crown integrated design to increase frontal
    stiffness and prevent cracking noises
  • HS3 Hybrid System
  • New self adjusting larger negative chamber
  • High-flow 3-way cartridge with high-speed & low-speed compression plus rebound adjustment
  • Lowers with floating axle design in order to minimize
    friction and stiction
  • Dedicated “Thixomolding Lower Technology” construction
    with increased torsional and axial stiffness
  • Dedicated stanchion construction with increased wall thickness to enhance stiffness
  • Increased DU guiding system overlap to implement safety and riding precision
  • New hydraulic specification for better damping adjustment
  • 44mm Offset
  • For 29" wheel (can be used on 27.5" but fork will be 10mm longer per travel)