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So why did RevGrips make Hand Guards?  To be honest they never even considered using them until about 6-months ago.  Their local trails had been tremendously overgrown (at least the places we like to ride) and throughout our rides, we'd get struck with branches, bushes, even a cactus or two.  It started to negatively impact our rides so something had to change.

They looked around to purchase something that would work well and also compliment the look of our ride.  We ALL get inspired when our bikes look good right?  They found ONE option but we couldn't get anything shipped conveniently.  At that point, they decided to make our own domestically.

They took the same approach to Hand Guards as they do to every other product they manufacture.  They set out to make something they could be proud of, something worthy of the RevGrips badge.  Hand Guards aren't known to be the most attractive component around… that need to change.  

The Hand Guards are manufactured in their facility in CA.  The Shield is made of high-strength, transparent gray Polycarbonate.  The Mount is 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum, anodized Dark Gray to match our other components.  Not only do the Hand Guards look pretty cool, they also work great and install in a matter of minutes.  

Check out our Instructions (link here) for more information about installation.