Lee-Roy Brown

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Tell us about your bike:

Salsa-Prototype DH
Salsa-Blackthorn 2.0(soon)
Chromag-Monk(cruiser style)
Mix of RockShox(Zeb, Boxxer, Vivid, PikeDJ) & Fox(38, DHX2) suspension
The Salsa Cassidy Carbon Frame is designed, engineered & executed brilliantly with an extremely solid, versatile, robust &
aesthetically pleasing beauty. I love the way it looks and it rides even better. 
Parts spec on the Cassidy and proto are completely customized to my personal preference. TieDie EWINGS, 2024 Boxxer and Vivid are stand out components though, some of the best feeling suspension I’ve ever ridden. My contact points are super important, Chromag handlebar’s, stems, pedals & saddles are components that I’ve ridden for years and have never let me down. 
Looking forward to throwing a leg over the new Salsa E-MTB this season and getting into the “E” world. 


What is your Age?

38, but give or take 20 years depending how I’m feeling on the day ;)


Where's your go-to ride?

-growing up in the early free ride days, I was constantly airing off of anything and everything in sight, big drops to flat landings, stairs sets, speed manuals, dirt jumps and all that fun stuff  was a solid foundation to help build up my skillset at a young age. 
-Taking advantage of gravity on a DH bike is what I live for. Having ridden these incredible Downhill machines for over 25 years every time I swing a leg over one, give the suspension a couple squishes right before dropping’ into a trail that you’re about to shred to bits still gives me that same feeling and adrenaline that nothing else compares to. 
-Balance is good, so it’s nice to switch things up, grab the enduro rig & go sweat out some pedal laps or an all day backcountry mission too. Gotta get those Fatbike rides in the shoulder seasons too. 
-Looking forward to getting acquainted with an E-bike in the future and excited for the new experience it’ll offer and new doors that’ll be opened. 
-I love anything two wheels and the adventure and joy that being out amongst it brings me. 
-I’m a huge fan of bike park laps, love having the Panorama bike park a quick drive from home but there is absolutely no comparison to shredding the SunPeaks bike park with hero dirt and some moisture in the dirt. THE BEST! 


What are your achievements?

-This is my 4th year as sponsored rider for Salsa Cycles. 
-Back to back Redbull Downtime wins was a rewarding achievement and it’s an event I look forward to every year!
-3rd & 5th place finish at Panorama & Fernie Canada/BC cup, followed up with a 5th place in Sunpeaks for the National Championship’s
-My girlfriend Lindsay and I flew our bikes over to Madeira and had an amazing time touring around the island shredding some world class trails. An unforgettable trip and we can’t wait to head back again soon!
-Getting a multi page article in DIRT magazine when I was living in Nelson many years ago. Mattias Fredrickson got some amazing shots of myself, Mike Kinrade and some other badass locals(blurry photo included in pics). It was a super fun couple days of shooting and a something I’ve dreamed of since I got my first ever MTB magazine as a kid. 


Tell us about your future goals or trips or races: 

Psychosis! I raced the last 3 years the event was held, very excited to race the 25th anniversary comeback. 
Dunbar Summer Series-hoping to make all 4 rounds one of which is National Champs. 
Defend Redbull Downtime title
Any local events, they are always so much fun. 
Have been picking away at a little film project with JayBirdMedia the last year or so and I have I few big moves eyed up and ready to tick off. 

Can you share some Fun Fact about you? 

-I absolutely love a proper French Canadian Poutine and when we went to Quebec to spectate World Champs in MSA I made a point of eating at least 2 Poutine’s a day for the 8 days we were in Quebec. 
-My favourite winter activity is leaving Canadian winters in search of warmer destinations to travel and explore. I really enjoy submersing myself into new lands and cultures.
-I find helicopters and military/large or unique planes fascinating, any time I hear one in the distance stop what I’m doing, try to guess what type of aircraft it is and what it’s doing. Haha such a nerd. 
-I like turtles.