MTB Shock Upgrades

Looking to get the most out of your rear shock? Take a look at our upgrades list below to find out how we can take your current suspension to the next level. Please note all prices are for individual components only, install charges are extra. For more information on service costs, please see our price list here




Rockshox Megneg

Rockshox MegNeg Air Can: Featuring more tunability than ever before, the Megneg air can provides an even larger negative volume giving you more mid-stroke support, a plusher initial feeling, and more bottom out force using less tokens. Go ahead and tune your shock exactly to your ride.




Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Reservoir Body

Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Reservoir Body: Take your existing RC coil shock and add a climb switch for those long grinds up to the top. Adjustable low speed compression is also added to provide a better platform in response to the rider's input. 




Cane Creek DB Inline Air Upgrade Kit

Cane Creek DB Inline Air Upgrade Kit: Upgrade your previous generation Inline Air with a larger negative air chamber for better small bump sensitivity and mid stroke support. The kit also features a black anodized damper tube for increased durability with reduced stiction for better glide across the entire travel range. 






Sprindex spring coil

Sprindex Coil Springs: Coil suspension has the added benefits of longer service intervals and increased small bump compliance. This said, many riders find coil difficult to setup as most springs come in spring rate increments of 25 lbs to 50 lbs. Sprindex springs are adjustable in 5 lbs increments allowing the rider to dial in their perfect spring rate. They also come in a super light weight package that significantly reduces the weight penalty of coil sprung rear suspension. 




DVO spring

Light Steel Springs: Despite the consistent ride feel and unmatched small bump sensitivity, many riders are reluctant to switch over to coil sprung suspension due to the increase weight penalty of the coil. Newer high-grade steel springs have a significantly reduced weight penalty of modern coil shocks, making the weight difference between their air counterparts seemingly non-existant.  



Progressive spring

Progressive Rate Springs: Coil sprung suspension comes with the added benefit of increased small bump sensitivity, longer service intervals and consistent performance across a wide range of conditions. Some frames have kinematics that are better served by air shocks due to their linear nature. Progressive rate springs allow for a better platform on these frame designs and provide that poppy, playful feel that air shock fans have come to love. 




Motorex oil

Tuning, Lubricants & Seals: Mass produced suspension products are designed to fit the needs of the majority of riders. With some riders falling outside the norm with respect to kitted-weight and suspension application, changing shock tunes can have a dramatic effect on the overall performance of the suspension. Additionally, we use high end Motorex lubricants and go out of our way to find the highest quality seals for our fork service, which makes regular maintenance and valve tuning two of the most important upgrades you can make to your suspension for unparalleled ride quality.