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Adaptor kits to fit super light alloy EXT springs to your Fox and Rockshox dampers. Take advantage of high quality, light weight springs in 25lb increments at a cost efficient price.

2 x Adapters needed to fit the spring to your shock.

-Rockshox 1: Rebound end of Rockshox dampers

-Rockshox 2: 28mm Length Rockshox top. Make sure spring length+ adapter means spring collar will be engaged on threads

-Rockshox 3: 22mm Length Rockshox top. Make sure spring length + adapter means spring colar will be engaged on threads

-Rockshox 4: 28mm Length for MY23+ dampers. NOTE: Not compatible with bearing end style Rockshox damper or dampers with travel spacer, so max stroke only, i.e 55, 65 or 75mm

-Fox 1: 5mm length. Fox bottom

-Fox 2: 7mm length. Fox top

EXT Springs:

– Super Alloy Spring (proprietary super light design)
– Extreme Linear Ratio
– Hard Epoxy Coating
– Internal Diameter: Ø38.5 mm – Length: 105 – 117 – 140 – 175 mm
– The lightest steel springs on the market
– Developed in our automotive racing programs
– First dedicated to fine tuning with 25lbs increments
– Adaptable for all type of dampers in the market
– Life duration: over 500.000 cycles