Vorsprung Smashpot - Fork Coil Conversion System Kit

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Run over everything.

Presenting the Smashpot - a fork coil spring conversion system for single crown enduro forks, featuring externally adjustable hydraulic anti-bottoming technology to deliver precisely the amount of bottoming resistance you need. The benefits of coil are clear: if your first priority for your fork is outright performance and grip, get yourself a Smashpot. 


• Catering to rider weights from 45kg (100lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) with 11 coil spring rates
• Allows lighter riders to get the most use out of their forks, and heavier riders the support they need without excessive air pressures
• Only coil conversion system on the market allowing 180mm travel (Please note that 190mm is not possible with the Zeb)
• Easily adjust your travel with internal spacers (please note the minimum & maximum travel of your fork as determined by manufacturer)
• Unique Hydraulic Bottom-out System reduces harshness
• Can be transferred between different forks with minimal parts /cost (a purchase of a new top cap or foot stud)
• Reliable and low maintenance, set and forget. User installable and serviceable
•Weight increase of approximately 250-450g (dependent on spring rate and fork's existing spring system)

For complete information on spring rate and fork fitment, please view Vorsprung's product information page here