ION² Suspension’s Top 3 Suspension Products of 2022

ION² Suspension’s Top 3 Suspension Products of 2022

BY JENNIFER BAKER     Mar 2, 2022

ION² Progression-Suspension believes in optimizing performance to maximize fun. Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure that a suspension operates at its best, but parts wear out and a rider’s needs can change. Sometimes the only way to achieve peak performance is to upgrade. An investment? Sure. But not much beats buying new bike parts, and upgrading to a Fox 38 Factory GRIP2 is a surefire way to maximize fun on the trails! 


With 20+ years of bike maintenance experience, here are ION² Progression’s top three recommended suspension products for the mountain bike enthusiast:    


In the spring of 2020, Fox reclassified the 36 to an ‘all-mountain’ fork. In doing so, they paved the way for a new long-travel, enduro specialist. The Fox 38! With stanchions 2 mm wider than its predecessor, Fox promises a fork that is ‘stiffer, smoother and more tunable than ever before.’

To achieve the ideal stiffness-to-weight ratio, coveted by bike designers, Fox created a new arch shape that accounts for head tube clearance at full compression. The result? A forward jutting lower leg arch that produces a stiffer ride with minimal material. The Fox 38 fork also boasts a new floating axle system that reduces friction between upper and lower fork legs. This creates smoother movement for a ‘distinct performance advantage.’ 

The increased tunability comes from the GRIP2 damper. With Variable Valve Control technology, suspension performance can be fine-tuned on the fly with the twist of a knob. The Factory Series, with a durable Kashima Coat in shiny orange or black, has tonnes of new tech features that solidify its place as a top performer. 

                  SHINY ORANGE                                 SHINY BLACK

Wheel Size

27.5 / 29

27.5 / 29



160 / 170 / 180*



37 / 44 / 51*


15QR x 110

15QR x 110


Fox’s highest performing rear shock, the DHX2 Factory, offers ‘coil performance for the trail and beyond.’ Even under the most extreme terrain, this coil shock stays glued to the ground, giving you traction and a smooth ride. Adjustable in a wide range of configurations, the DHX2 exceeds the demands of the everyday rider. Now with a new chassis, redesigned damper, and new seals to reduce friction, this shock pairs well with the Fox SLS spring to give you a cushy suspension set-up. 


  • New chassis & damper
  • New detents on spring collar prevent loosening under light pre-load conditions
  • New high-flow main piston
  • New MCU bumper for increased end-stroke progression and bottom-out control
  • New improved, high-speed, rebound tunability via the addition of VVC
  • New improved bearing ratio for metric sizes
  • New graphics
  • New Ultra-low friction, with highly durable hard chrome damper shaft finish 
  • Independent firm mode circuit for firmer lockout than on previous DHX2
  • Reduced length reservoir for better fit on more frames
  • Matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment on GRIP2 forks and X2 shocks
  • Increased control and decreased harshness via linear damping

Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil 

Rounding out the list of top suspension products of 2022, is a rear shock that was designed with ease-of-use in mind. The Cane Creek Double Barrel Kitsuma, hand-built in North Carolina, is a coil shock that aims to outshine its competitors. With four easily accessible tuning dials, the Kitsuma allows tool-free adjustment not seen from Fox.   

A new three-position climb switch adds a “Firm” mode for making your way to the trailhead. Once there, switch between “Descend” and “CS” to get the most out of traction, tracking, and performance over technical terrain and singletrack. Riders stay loyal to the DB Kitsuma Coil because Cane Creek has delivered a shock that is adjustable on the go. This makes it easier to achieve optimal suspension settings out on the trail.  


417g (DB Coil 210mm w/o Spring


Twin Tube independent compression and rebound damping circuits. Motorex 4wt Damper Oil


  • High-speed compression
  • Low-speed compression
  • High-speed rebound
  • Low-speed rebound

Shaft Diameter


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