ION² Suspension’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

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ION² Suspension’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

BY JENNIFER BAKER     Mar 3, 2022

Are you looking for something to surprise the mountain biker in your life? The perfect present for that friend who lives and breathes to bike. Or, for the spouse, who just talked about re-mortgaging your house to buy the new Norco Range. Don’t worry, gift-giving doesn’t have to break the bank. 


Gift Guide

From swag and gift certificates to Fox mudguards and pumps, ION² Progression-Suspension has you covered with their ‘Ultimate Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers.’

  1. The Gift of Performance

Price: Starting at $50

Nothing says I didn’t know what to get you quite like a gift certificate. Don’t worry though, any hard-riding mountain biker is going to love receiving ION² Progression-Suspension’s ‘gift of performance.’ You choose the value, and they get to put it towards a service that will optimize their suspension for peak performance. 

*Receive 20% off any ION² branded product when booking a service. 

  1. ION² HAT

Price: $34.99

You know the importance of suspension maintenance, and you also know that ION² is the best high-quality suspension service center around. With this knowledge comes responsibility, so spread the word by gifting an ION² hat—the perfect present for smart, stylish people. 

Other ION² branded swag that makes an exceptional gift include socks, toques, and tech shirts. 

  1. FOX XL MUDGUARD 36/38/40

Price: $35.99

Biking isn’t as enjoyable when you are cold and wet. Keep the mud on the trails and off of their face with Fox’s XL fork mudguard. A grime-free gift that helps protect fork stanchions and seals. With 85% more coverage than the small version, this guard attaches directly to the fork.  

  1. Trust Jobber Kit (The Geek Package)

Sale Price: $19.99 (reg. $24.99)

Do you know someone who has a noticeable tic brought on by cable taps? The Trust Jobber Kit is the perfect gift for the ‘geek’ who is particular about presentation. Help them keep cable housing tidy, so they can ride in peace. 


Price: $59.99

A shock pump is essential. How will they be able to benefit from their bike's full potential if they can’t properly set their sag? Better yet, how will they be able to reach their full potential, as a steazy mountain biker, if they always have to borrow your tools? With a Fox pump, they can learn to do their own pre-ride checks. Also available with a digital gauge for $119.99. 

  1. Acerbis HandGuard X-Elite

Price: $89.99

Avoid knuckle bashing and broken brakes with handguards to protect from brush, trees, debris, and cold weather. Made from thermoplastic that is lightweight, compact, and crash-resistant, Acerbis handguards mount universally to e-bike, MTB, and mini dirtbike handlebars. 

Didn’t find what you were looking for? ION² has front suspension, rear suspension, and much, much more