The Importance of Suspension & How ION² Progression-Suspension Can Improve Yours

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The Importance of Suspension & How ION² Progression-Suspension Can Improve Yours

BY JENNIFER BAKER     Mar 4, 2022

Everyone knows someone, older and wiser, who used to walk to school uphill both ways. In the mountain bike world, this is equivalent to someone riding rigid in the 90s. Despite grandpa’s monumental climb to higher education, what goes up must come down. And on a rigid bike, you are coming down hard! Sure, there is something to be said about the simplicity of a bike without suspension. They climb like a freaking mountain goat! But watch out for those donkey-kicking descents. Today, only a glutton for punishment would choose that rough ride over the smooth performance of a dual-suspension. 


Most people embrace suspension, understanding that a personalized setup is needed to achieve the highest performance. This is why forks and rear shocks have varying degrees of adjustability. Dialing in the suspension to match the rider’s weight and riding style improves the bike’s overall handling. Landing big jumps is less bone-jarring, and more control over rough terrain gives an instant confidence boost. Suspension also improves traction. When the wheels move up and down, the tires grip, instead of bouncing over uneven ground. Long gone are the early days of bucking dual-suspensions. Technology continues to improve with innovations like Fox’s Kashima coating—a finish that increases lubrication for a smoother ride. Check it out on the 2022 Fox 38 Factory GRIP2—’a long-travel enduro specialist that sets a new benchmark for confidence, performance, and durability.’  

Whether front or rear, suspension systems have moving parts that need regular maintenance, and manufacturers have a recommended maintenance schedule to follow. Although you can service your own suspension, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. With a functional shop that includes specialized tools, nitrogen tank, shock dyno, and vacuum pump, ION² Progression-Suspension is a high-quality service center for mountain bike, dirt bike, snowmobile, and ATV suspensions. 


To optimize performance on high-wear mountain bike suspension systems, ION² offers a 50-hour and 200-hour service. For those that ride 2-3 times a week, the 50-hour is a basic service done mid-season. It includes replacing the oil in the fork’s lower leg and cleaning the air can of the rear shock. The 200-hour service is completed at the end of the year and includes the basic 50-hour plus a full tear down and rebuild. Fresh oil and new seals will leave you with shocks that are like new. 

A properly maintained suspension is critical to performance. With over twenty years of experience, ION² works with meticulous detail while offering expert advice and a personalized setup. Don’t let repairs and maintenance keep you off your bike, sled, or ATV/UTV. Book your suspension service online, and take advantage of fast in-house turnaround times.