Victoria Johansen

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Tell us about your bike:

My everyday everything ride is the A1 2021 Norco Sight with the all powerful Cane Creek Kitsuma Progressive Coil. Which is by far my favourite upgrade! My bike has been able to smash through anything I have given it so far and it’s muchhhh more fun when I bring it into the bike park. I am also very attached to my NOBL TR37 hoops.

What is your Age? Where are you from?

I am 31 years old and was born and raised in the Columbia Valley! This place is where I found my love for mtbing later in life following a move back to the valley after traveling and finishing post secondary. I now reside on Van island where I can ride bikes almost year round! 

Where's your go-to ride?

Shuttle laps and Bike Parks are my favourite way to spend any sunny day. 
Come bike park season you will find me up at the local Park, Mount Washington, every weekend doing laps and tailgating with all the locals in the parking lot. I love the island vibe and community here but I do miss Panorama’s bike park, that place has a piece of my heart! 
I also frequent the Cumberland forest riding their world class trails almost year round. I love volunteering my time with the trail builders at UROC on days off to haul dirt and give back to the community! 

What are your achievements?

I like to think my fast progression into mtbing was an achievement on its own! I fully immersed myself during my first season riding my childhood bike, a Norco Bigfoot, fixed up and blinged out by Kale himself! Then a couple seasons, and new bikes later, trying my hand at the local Downhill Races. The Dunbar Series BC cup (placing 3rd) & Redbull downtime (placing 1st)
Since moving to the island I have competed in both the DH Mount Washington BC cup placing 3rd in 2022 and 1st in 2023.

Tell us about your future goals or trips or races: 

My new recent obsession is progressing at the Dirt Jumps. After spending all last summer borrowing friend’s DJs on my lunch breaks at the jumps, I got myself a marketplace deal on a Specialized P3 Dirt jumper at the end of the season. I am hoping to get more acquainted with it this year and progress to feeling comfortable on the black line at my local Dirt Jump park and perfecting my tuck-no handers at the airbag!
I love both the social and personal aspects of riding bikes. The progression is so much fun and I find solo rides/working on skills so great for my mental health as well as the physical. And the social part of being in the mtb community is like no other! I think we have all heard it before but riding bikes with friends is pretty sweet. More of that this year is definitely on the to do list.

Can you share some Fun Fact about you? 

I like to play squash with friends and have taught myself how to macrame. Both I find very enjoyable seconds to bikes. 
I am also completing an Apprenticeship to become an Electrician, which I am thoroughly enjoying!