IPONE SNOW RACING Oil, 2T Stroke, 4 Liters

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High-quality semi-synthetic antifog lubricant, specially formulated for 2-stroke engines of liquid or air-cooled snowmobiles, with or without an exhaust valve.


Senses the strawberry at the exhaust.

SNOW 2 RACING is particularly suitable for sports and competition use and approved for modern injection systems such as E-Tec.

  • Synthetic Plus
  • Smoke-free formulation
  • Compatible with standard and lead-free fuels
  • Scent Strawberry

Racing Snow 2 is a semi-synthetic top range anti-smoke lubricant, specially formulated for two-stroke liquid - or air-cooled snowmobile engines with or without exhaust valves. Its exclusive formulation protects the engine in extreme temperatures down to minus 45°C and very demanding conditions. Strawberry-scented exhaust. SNOW 2 RACING is particularly suited to sports and competition use.